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Ira Glass on Story-Telling

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Quoted from Michael Angeles:

He riffs a little on the problem of finding the right or most interesting stories. Sometimes the anecdote can be wonderful, but there may be no reason to care. Experience, and the ability to be ruthless, choose the right stories, and abandon the crap makes the difference here.

The crap, in Glass’ case might be a boring story, or even an interesting one perhaps that just doesn’t have any importance. But when it comes to telling the stories for our projects we don’t have the option of abandoning the story because it seems boring on the surface. For example, communicating design concepts viewed from the standpoint of our personas might not seem very exciting on the surface. So the question becomes, how do we make it interesting. How do we communicate the story so that the rest of the team is interested enough to mentally engage with the characters and hold them in memory long enough to use them as a motivating factor in design.